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Features include:


Write for school gives you the choice of many different letter styles (fonts) used in schools across the world. You can select the style of writing used in the school your child attends or will attend.  Your child can practice the correct font from an early age, promoting their readiness for school.

The fonts used to produce the write for school app can be obtained from:

American  www.schoolhousefonts.co

Australian  www.schoolfonts.com.au

New Zealand  www.schoolfonts.com.au

United kingdom  www.cursivewriting.org

Hand Writing

To promote correct hand writing children are taught to finger trace and use the stylus pen.  The tripod grip which is holding the pen/stylus lightly between the middle finger and thumb with the forefinger resting on top encourages better letter formation, and develops the fine motor skills needed for good writing habits.


Verbal Promts

Write for school is an international program providing professional voiceovers, in a variety of accents related to each of the hand writing styles.  Auditory cues are provided for each letter and blend.   Children can identify the difference in letter blends eg.  “Ch” and “Sh”.



The graphics used are bright and stimulating to remind the child that there is a sound that goes with each and every letter, there are a few different pictures to match each letter.




Grown Ups

WRITEFORSCHOOL  is a  great  way for children to practice their writing skills.

When a child starts showing interest in writing it is important to introduce them to the lowercase letters as this is a major focus for hand writing, and what they need to learn for school.