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Comments Appreciated!

Thank-you for visiting Write for School.  All Comments are appreciated!



  • Stephanie

    Hi there!

    I am browsing for new apps for kids in the iTunes App Store and I saw WriteForSchool! I think WriteForSchool is interesting so I have added it into the iHeartThisApp directory! Check out the listing for WriteForSchool at http://iheartthisapp.com/writeforschool

    iHeartThisApp is a place where App Lovers (especially Moms with Kids) are able to easily find highly recommended apps by sorting apps based on iHeart votes and # of comments. The more iHearts and comments WriteForSchool has, the easier it will be for App Lovers to find it!

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    The week ends at Friday 11:59PM Central Time, so please ask your Facebook or Twitter Fans to vote for WriteForSchool.

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